video: Evolution of the Hanafi Fiqh & the Sanad

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video: Evolution of the Hanafi Fiqh & the Sanad

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Uploaded by hanafifiqh on May 14, 2010

Many people will little knowledge give the perception that
Imam Abu Haneefah came out of no where, and people following his interpretation of the Quran and Sunnah are in error. This can easily be refuted by Ibn Abidin's statement, he gives the analogy of the evolution of the Hanafi fiqh as bread, he says:

"Abdullah ibn Masoud 'radiAllahu anh', who sowed the seeds of this knowledge, was one of the greatest and best learned ones of the Sahaba. Alqama, his disciple, watered these seeds and turned them into crops, and Ibrahim Nahai, his disciple, reaped the harvest, that is, gathered the pieces of this knowledge together. Hammad-i Kufi threshed it, and his disciple, Imam-i azam Abu Hanifa, ground it, that is, he classified the knowledge into sections; Abu Yusuf made dough from it, and Imam-i Muhammad baked it. Muslims have been eating the morsels prepared in this procedure".

Another claim which this lecture answers is, why do you only follow one man, surely he can make mistakes? The short answer being, that it is not only one man, he had a circle of 40 top scholars some times the opinion of his students are taken and sometimes his.

This lecture is an except from "Legacy of Abdullah ibn Masoud" by Sheikh Riyadh Ul Haq.
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