Historical events relating to Imam akl-Ghazali

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Historical events relating to Imam akl-Ghazali

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Chronology of historical Events
These are important events related the study of al-Ghazali they are presented in two date formats Hijri/ Gregorian. The Islamic (Hijri) calendar (with dates that fall within the Muslim Era) is usually abbreviated A.H. in Western languages from the Latinized Anno Hegirae. Muḥarram (the first month of the year) 1, 1 A.H. corresponds to July 16, 622 C.E. For more detailed information on Muslim Dynasties see Zambour 1951, reprinted, 1980 (pdf)

c. 570: Birth of Muḥammad in Mecca

1/622: The Hijra: Muḥammad Emigrates to Medina (Islamic Calendar starts)

11/630: Conquest of Mecca

13/632: Muḥammad dies in Medina.

13-41/632-661 Guided Caliphates

41-132/661-750 Umayyad Caliphate

132-656 /750-1258 Abbasid Caliphate

/756-1031 Umayyad emirate in Andalusia

/910-1171: Faṭimid Caliphate in Egypt.

110/ al-Hasan al-Basari (Scholar) dies in Baghdad.

150/760 Abu Ḥanifah (Jurist) dies in Baghdad. See J. Schacht, ‘Abu Ḥanifah al-Nu‘man' in EI (2nd ed.), vol. 1, pp. 123-4.

179/796 Malik ibn Anas (Jurist) dies in Medina. (b. 93/714).

204/820 al-Shafi'i (Jurist) dies in Egypt. (b. 150/767) see E. Chaumont, 'al-Shafi‘i' in EI (2nd ed.), vol. 9, pp. 181-5.

241/ Ibn Hanbal (Traditionist) dies in Baghdad. (b.)

256/873 al-Kindi dies in Baghdad. (b. 185/805)

298/ al-Junyad (Sufi) dies in Baghdad.
324/935 al-'Asha`ri dies in Baghdad. (b. 260/873/4)

334/946 Abu Bakr al-Shibli dies. (b. 247/861)
339/950 al-Farabi dies in Aleppo. (b. 259/870)

403/1013 Abu bakr al-Baqlani dies in Baghdad.

428/1037 Avicenna dies in Hamadan. (b. 370/980 ) see M. Mahdi, D. Gutas, et al., "Avicenna" in EncIr, volume 3, pp. 66-110; A.-M. Goichon, "Ibn Sina" in EI (2nd ed.), volume 3, pp. 941-947.

440/1049 Abi Sa‘id ibn Abi al-Khayr dies, see H. Ritter ‘Abu Sa‘id b. Abi al-Khayr' in EI (2nd ed.), vol. 1, 145-7.

450/1058 al-Ghazali is born in Tus.

Ghazali travels to Nishapur.

478/1085 al-Juwayni (Imam al-Haramyan) dies in Nishapur and al-Ghazali goes to the “camp” of Nizam al-Mulk

484/1091 al-Ghazali is appointed to teach at Baghdad's Nizamiyah.

485/1092 Nizam al-mulk is assassinated in Khurasan.

488/1095 al-Ghazali quits Baghdad's Nizamiyah (in Dhu’l - Qa’da 488/ November 1095).

498/1105 al-Ghazali returns to Tus.

499/1106 al-Ghazali return to teaching at Nishapur's Nizamiyah.

Quits Nishapur's Nizamiyah and returns home.

505/1111 al-Ghazali dies in Tus.

517 0r 520/ 1123 or 1126 Aḥmad al-Ghazali (his brother) dies.
529/1135 Abd al-Ghafir al-Farasi dies.

543/ Abu bakr Ibn al-'Arabi dies in Fez. (b. 468 in Andalusia)

581/1185 Ibn Ṭufayl dies in Morocco

587/1191 al-Suhrawardi is executed in Aleppo.

595/1198 Ibn Rushd dies in Morocco. (b. 520 Cordoba) see R. Arnaldez, "Ibn Rushd" in EI (2nd ed.), vol. 3, pp. 909-920.

597/1201 Ibn al-jawzi dies in Baghdad. (b. 509 (510)/1114)

606/1209 Fakhr al-din al-Razi dies in al-Rayy and is buried in his own house in secret for fear of his body will be descreated. (b. 505) see G.C. Anawati, 'Fakhr al-Din al-Razi' in EI (2nd ed.), vol. 2, pp. 751-5.

620/ Ibn Qudama al-Maqdasi dies in Damascus.

638/1240 Muḥyi al-Din ibn 'Arabi (b. 1165) dies in Damascus, see A. Ates, 'Ibn al-'Arabi' in EI (2nd ed.), vol. 3, pp. 707-11.

672/1274 Naṣr al-din al-Ṭusi dies.

676/ al-Nawawi dies in Nawa his hometown.

681/1282 Ahmad ibn Muhammad Ibn Khallikan dies in Damascus (b. 608/1211 in Irbil).

728/1328 Ibn Taymiyah (Ahmad b. 'Abdalhalim) dies in Damascus in Prison. (b. 661/1263)

748/1348 al-Dhahabi, Abu ‘Abd Allah Muhammad ibn Ahmad ibn ‘Uthman (Historian) dies in Damascus. (b. 673/1274). see M. Ben Cheneb and J. de Somogyi, 'Dhahabi' in EI (2nd ed.), vol. 2, pp. 214-6.

771/1371 Taj al-din al-Subki dies in Cairo. (b. 727/1327).

776/1375 Ibn al-Khatib, Lisan al-Din dies in Gharnata (Granada) (b. 713/1313) see Bosch-Vilá, "Ibn al-Khatib" in EI (2nd ed.), vol. 3, pp. 835-7; GAL, vol. 2, pp. 260-264 (337-340) and GAL-S , pp. 372-373

806 /1404 Zayn al-Din al-‘Iraqi dies in Cairo.

808/1406 Ibn Khaldun dies in Cairo. (b. Tunis: 732/1332)

852/1449 Ibn Hajar al-`Asqalani dies in Cairo. (b. Cairo: 773/1372)

898/1492 Jami, Nur al-Din ‘Abd al-Rahman Ahmad ibn Muhammad (Persian Poet) dies in Herat (b. 817/1414) see C. Huart and H. Massé, 'Djami' in EI (2nd ed.), vol. 2, pp. 421-2..
899/1493 End of Andalusia's Muslim sovereignty.
911/1505 Jalaludin al-Suyti dies in Cairo. (b. 849) see GAL-S vol. 1, pp. 178-198; and E. Geoffroy, "Suyuti", EI (2nd ed.), vol. 9.

968/1561 Tashköprüzade, abu al-Khayr ibn Muslih al-Din Mustafá dies. Born in Bursa in 901/1495 Encyclopediaist, author of Miftah al-sa'ada, see F. Babiner and Christine Woodhead, 'Tashköprüzade (2)' in EI (2nd ed.), vol. 10, pp. 351-2.

1050/1640 Mulla Sadra dies in Basra.
1067/ Hajji Khalifia dies also known as (aka) Kâtib Çelebi, Mustafa b. Abdullah, an Encyclopediaist, author of the famed Kashf al-zunun `an asami al-kutub wa-al-funun. b. 1017/

1205/1791 Murtda al-Zabidi dies in Zabid in Yemen.

1269/1853 First printed copy of the Ihya' with moveable type in Bulaq Egypt in 4 books bound in 2 volumes measuring 33cm.

1864 First printed copy of the Ihya' offset (Ha'jari) in Lucknow, India in 4 volumes measuring 35cm.

1311 ithaf al-sada is printed by al-mutaba al-Maymaniya in Cairo, 10 vols.

1379/1957, Isa' al-babi al-Halabi's edition of Ihya' is printed in Cairo, 4 vols.

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