Ibrahim ad-Desouqi

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Ibrahim ad-Desouqi

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Ibrahim ad-Desouqi

He is Master Ibrahim ad-Desouqi ibn Abdel-Aziz al-Mokanna Abi-al-Majd ibn Quraysh .. a descendant of Mawlana Imam al-Husain [AAT]
He was born in the city of Desouq, Egypt, on the last night of Sha’ban, of the year 633H. This night is usually called the night of doubt because people often do not see the moon and would be doubtful as for easting the next day or if it is going to be the first day of Ramadan. But that year the judge, who happened to be a knowledgeable scholar, told them to go see the state of newly born Ibrahim. He told them that if he refused to be fed, then it is Ramadan and they should fast. They to see Ibrahim and his mother told them the he refused her milk starting at dawn, so they knew it is Ramadan. That was the first miraculous act that Allah proved for him.
He learned Fiqh according to ash-Shafi’y doctrine, and was famous among his lovers as Abo-al-Aynayn and Burhan ad-Din.
He [AAH] is one of the four Imams to whom Allah disclosed the unknown, gave them miraculous acts, great knowledge, conclusive disposal, white hand in the rules of saints, and firmly established foot in the final ranks. So he was a speaker all language.
He [AAH] said in his life: “My way [Tariqa] will spread all over after I am gone”. His words actually came true, as his Tariqa [al-Burhaniya ad-Desouqiya ash-Shadhuliya] did spread after his passing away, on the hands of Imam Fakhreddin Mohamed Osman Abdu al-Burhany [AAH], his son Imam Ibrahim, and grand son Sheikh Mohamed.
One story about him [AAH] is that one of his seekers went to Alexandria for some market for his sheikh. /but he had a quarrel with someone from the market. The market man complained to the town judge. That judge used to had the saints, so when he knew that he is a seeker of sayydi Ibrahim, he ordered him to be beaten and imprisoned. The judge also hurt the seeker with words and acts. The seeker sent to sayydi Ibrahim for help. Sayydi Ibrahim wrote some words on a piece of paper and sent it to the judge. The following was written on the paper:
[The arrows of the night do not miss if it is thrown with the bows of submissiveness]
[It is aimed to its goal by men who stand long for prayer kneeling and prostration]
[By tongues mumbling with prayers by eyelids that has running tears]
[If they pull the string and throw the arrow then no shield will be helpful]
When the judge received this paper, he gathered his friends and started mocking the man carrying the message. Then he reached to the point when he insulted sayydi Ibrahim. Then he started reading the paper to his friends. When he reached to the saying of the sheikh [If they pull the string and throw the arrow], an arrow came out of the paper and went into his chest and out of his back, and he fell dead.
Imam Fakhreddin said about him in a big poem in which he tried to say something about how great he is and how we still after more than 700 years do not know almost anything about him:
[O, you who was born a completed sheikh that can not be promoted]
He died [AAH] on the year 676H of 43 years old, some said he lived 63 years. However he was buried in his famous Masjid in the city of Desouq.

Translated by Samy

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Re: Ibrahim ad-Desouqi

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Shaykh Ibrahim al-Husaini al-Dasuki
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Shaykh Ibrahim al-Husaini al-Dasuki, may Allah be pleased with him, was ibn Abi l-Majd bin Quraysh bin Muhammad bin al-Najjar bin ‘Abd al-Khaliq bin al-Qasim bin al-Ja‘far bin ‘Abd al-Khaliq bin Abi l-Qasim al-Zaki bin ‘Ali bin Muhammad al-Jawwad bin ‘Ali al-Ridha bin Musa al-Kathim bin Ja‘far al-Sadiq bin Muhammad al-Baqir bin ‘Ali al-Zahir (Zain al-‘Abidin) bin Sayyiduna l-Husain bin al-Imam ‘Ali, may Allah be pleased with them.

His Birth

He was born in 633 H. and wore the noble patched robe from Shaykh Najm al-Din Mahmud al-Isfahani. He graduated with Shaykh Nur al-Din ‘Abd al-Samad al-Nathari and with Shaykh Abu l-Hasan al-Shadhili, may Allah be pleased with them.

His Position in the Spiritual World

He is one of the four principle qutbs. He was among the illustrious shaykhs of Egypt who excelled and became well known by the permission of Allah to the existence. The people of his time openly recognized his having a great wilaya and his being a great qutb; eventually he became the head of a tariqah. He studied the fiqh of Imam al-Shafi‘i and then followed in the footsteps of the Sufis. He had the status of the shaykhs and carried the white flag. His du‘as were accepted and he openly manifested many miracles. He was well versed in the rules of wilaya and their application, and there are many quotations attributed to him regarding the tariqah.

His Death

He died, may Allah be pleased with him, in 676 H. at the age of 43 and was buried in the city of Dasuk. Today his grave is still visited.

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