sv: De som inträder i Paradiset utan räkenskap

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sv: De som inträder i Paradiset utan räkenskap

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De som inträder i Paradiset utan behöva avlägga räkenskap (bid-duni hisab)
Sammanställt av bmk

Bismi Allah - بسم الله الرحمن الرحيم

Det finns flera hadither i Kitab al-Iman i Imam Muslims Musnad al-Sahih som omnämner sjuttiotusen personer som kommmer att inträda i Paradiset utan att behöva avlägga räkenskap. I en version nämns bara att de är sjuttiotusen. Nedan återges två av dessa hadither, utklippta ur MSA hadih database. I den första hadithen framgår det att denna grupp är den första som når Paradiset, medan andra blir uppehållna på al-Sirat, och blir brända av Elden innan de kommer fram.

Book 001, Number 0367:
    It is reported on the authority of Abu Zubair that he heard from Jabir b 'Abdullah, who was asked about the arrival (of people on the Day of Resurrection). He said. We would come on the Day of Resurrection like this, like this, and see. carefully. that which concerns" elevated people". He (the narrator) said: Then the people would be summoned along with their idols whom they worshipped, one after another. Then our Lord would come to us and say: Whom are you waiting for? They would say: We are waiting for our Lord. He would say: I am your Lord. They would say: (We are not sure) till we gaze at Thee, and He would manifest Himself to them smilingly, and would go along with them and they would follow Him; and every person, whether a hypocrite or a believer, would be endowed with a light, and there would be spikes and hooks on the bridge of the Hell, which would catch hold of those whom Allah willed. Then the light of the hypocrites would be extinguished, and the believers would secure salvation. and the first group to achieve it would comprise seventy thousand men who would have the brightness of full moon on their faces, and they would not be called to account. Then the people immediately following them would have their faces as the brightest stars in the heaven. This is how (the groups would follow one after another). Then the stage of intercession would come, and they (who are permitted to intercede) would intercede, till he who had declared:" There is no god but Allah" and had in his heart virtue of the weight of a barley grain would come out of the Fire. They would be then brought in the courtyard of Paradise and the inhabitants of Paradise would begin to sprinkle water over them till they would sprout like the sprouting of a thing in flood water, and their burns would disappear. They would ask their Lord till they would be granted (the bounties) of the world and with it ten more besides it.

Book 001, Number 0418:
    It is narrated on the authority of Abu Huraira that the Apostle of Allah (may peace be upon him) said: Seventy thousand (persons) of my Ummah would enter Paradise without rendering an account. Upon this a person said: Messenger of Allah. pray to Allah that He make me one of them. He (the Holy Prophet) said: O Allah! make him one of them. Then another stood up and said: Messenger of Allah, pray to Allah that He make me one of them. He (the Holy Prophet) said: 'Ukkasha has preceded you in this matter.

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